We are a Sydney based cloud computing & software company specialising in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Azure.

We also offer bespoke software development for web, mobile devices (iOS, Android), desktops (Windows, MacOS), and full stack n-tier server applications ( Windows/Linux) .

Our History

iKNOX traces its roots to 1998 when it was set-up as a web and desktop software development company. At that time, it not only served clients requiring web presence & custom business software, but also launched various innovative services of that era like email-to-fax and fax-to-email. Over time, as the business & technology landscape has changed, iKNOX also has re-invented itself many times.

Today iKNOX is focused on businesses of all sizes with innovative technologies and solutions so that they can stay ahead in their business while utilising latest products and services in marketplace. We are currently fully dedicated to cloud technologies and bespoke software development.

Our Vision

We see the pace of technological advances to quicken as time passes by – and realise that for majority of businesses it is simply not possible to upgrade their systems and infrastructure every so often. So we operate with a vision to "provide agile & nimble IT solutions which can be upgraded progressively, meeting customers’ needs today, and for years to come without a need for total replacement."

We also aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by top notch quality of deliverables and excellent support.

Our Promise

We take pride in our professionalism and commit to highest possible customer satisfaction. We have made a commitment to ourselves to take on only those customer projects for which we could exceed their expectations as the integrity, quality and customer satisfaction are of utmost important to our business success. So we promise to stick to that dogma if we were to take on your business.

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