Depending on the applications used by your business, moving everything to cloud may not always be the best option. We have developed a well tested methodology which we can run with your business and technical teams to define the best route to achieve the business goals.

What Do We Cover?

Application Profiling

We will take a comprehensive look at your applications' architecture, platforms on which those run, their computing & storage requirements, as well as security, redundancy & failover mechanisms they need. Any plan to move to cloud should be validated with the confirmation that these technology requirements can be made available in the cloud.

Business Functions Profiling

This involves in-depth study of how internal and external users access the applications, the devices they use, and how multiple applications are used by them to perform a certain business function. This information is validated with project plan to identify if the migration will break any of these business functions (depending on which applications are being migrated, migration phases etc.)

Performance and Availability Requirements

When migrating to cloud, performance and availability requirements should be met or exceeded for the project's success and acceptance. We will document the current performance and availability perceptions/facts and validate those against expectations/targets from a move to cloud.

Legal and Auditing Requirements

More often than not, business applications must comply with certain auditing and legal requirements. Some of these requirements may even limit the use of certain types of cloud architectures. We will conduct an in-depth study of these requirements and confirm that a cloud migration would keep the applications compliant.

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

If cost reduction is the driver behind a plan to move to the cloud, this should be validated before investing large sums of money on a migration project. We will calculate your current capital/operational expenses, estimate the monthly expenses after a move to the cloud, and determine expected cost-savings.

Typical Deliverables

At the end of assessment, we provide a comprehensive report on our findings, recommendations, and reasoning behind formulating those recommendations. We also back those up with historic examples (those in public domain of knowledge), our own experience, and in some cases with prototypes of results achievable by implementing our recommendations.

However, deliverables often vary for each engagement and are formulated in consultation with clients before the engagement begins.

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