Why Mastodon is Better Than Twitter for Team Communication?

Cloud Tips 10 Feb 2023

The Fediverse is a decentralized network of interconnected servers that allow users to communicate and share content through different applications. This means that your data is not controlled by a single corporation or organization, but instead is spread across multiple servers that are run by volunteers and organizations around the world.

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IKNOX launches managed Matodon hosting

Corporate News 25 Nov 2022

We have today launched our managed Mastodon hosting plans to the general public.

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WATCH OUT: Phishing scams are on the rise

Cloud Tips 15 Nov 2022

We are seeing a rise in phishing scammers towards end of the year. The trend started in September 2022, and we are seeing it intensify as we enter the holidays period.

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Google rebrands GSuite as Workspace

Cloud News 11 Nov 2020

Google has branded its productivity suite from Gsuite to Workspace. The change includes the name change itself - now called Google Workspace - and also comes bundled with other productivity applications which previously weren't part of the GSuite.

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AWS announces SSD backed default EBS volumes

Cloud News 16 Jun 2014

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced availability of SSD backed EBS volumes, with a twist that EBS 'standard' volumes will now default to SSD storage.

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Heartbleed: Secure your OpenSSL based systems immediately

Announcements 9 Apr 2014

The internet is abuzz with serious OpenSSL's Heartbleed vulnerability discovered 2 days ago. This vulnerability allows an attacker to steal information normally protected by SSL. This information may include everything from usernames, passwords, emails, chats, voice and video communications, banking transactions and so on.

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AWS announces availability of Amazon Glacier and Amazon Redshift in Sydney region

Cloud News 9 Oct 2013

Major news for the businesses in Australia today as AWS has made available Amazon Glacier and Amazon Redshift in Sydney. This will accelerate the adoption of AWS cloud in region, especially among those who had reservations to store their data in Glacier in other regions.

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Amazon S3 API for cloud storage leads pack, for now

Cloud News 24 Sep 2013

One of the major hurdles to public cloud and object storage adoption has been cleared with the emergence of the Amazon Simple Storage application programming interface as a de facto standard.

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Vocus starts offering Cloud Connect for AWS

Cloud News 13 Sep 2013

Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC) has started offering its AWS Cloud Connect service to customers, enabling them to transfer data between their private data centre and AWS at speeds starting at 50 Mbps. This bandwidth can be expanded to as much as 10 Gpbs.

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