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Managed Amazon Web Services

We are Amazon Web Services ("AWS") partner and have built our platform on their infrastructure to provide our clients with following managed products.

Managed Cloud

We provide fully managed and supported cloud computing infrastructure built on numerous AWS offerings for small to medium businesses. With typical uptime of at least 99.99% (often greater), you can outsource the pain of managing your servers and data centres to us. We have developed sophisticated tools around our offering to provide you the service level we will commit to.

Cloud Storage

We provide a fully managed, highly available and resilient storage in the cloud for your mission-critical data on Amazon S3 and/or Amazon Glacier infrastructure. Depending on how the data is accessed and used, we design the solution to keep your costs low, while guaranteeing that it is available when you need it.

Disaster Recovery in Cloud

In situations where you must keep your business applications in your own data centre, it will be cheaper to set up your Disaster Recovery (DR) site in AWS cloud. This will result in considerable savings over time (due to AWS' pay-as-you-go pricing model) and provide quicker recovery times.

Google Apps for Business

We are Google Apps for Business re-seller and provide managed deployment, migration and support for businesses who want to move to the cloud for productivity apps.

Productivity Apps for New World

Fully managed, available-everywhere, and collaborative Google Apps free business users from cubicles and provide them a secure and always-backed-up environment to do emails, calendar, contacts, documents, data analysis and presentations. Call it invisible IT, at its best, for day to day productivity needs.

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