IKNOX offers customised training to business stakeholders, system administrators & operators, and users of applications hosted on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Workspace. Businesses of any size can tap into our considerable body of knowledge to train their staff on cloud technologies so that they can quickly start contributing value to investments being made in this space.

Most of the trainings we do are instructor-led, classroom style and conducted in-person. We also can conduct virtual trainings using web conferencing technologies for dispersed teams located in various locations.

Training Topics

Our courses cover the following topics in-depth using examples and case studies. Customer can pick and choose the ones they require.

  • An introduction to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Google Workspace: This course provides high level introduction to all aspects of these platforms and is useful for both business and technical users who are new to the cloud.
  • For Business Stakeholders
    • Cost-benefit aspects of cloud
    • Security implications of cloud migration
    • Business risks and their mitigation
  • For IT & Operations Teams (AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure)
    • Technical overview of underlying infrastructure
    • Detailed introduction to provider's offerings
    • Architecture best practices for cloud applications
    • Cloud readiness assessment of applications
    • Execution of a successful cloud migration project
    • Administration best practices and tools for cloud hosted applications
    • Monitoring cloud hosted applications
    • Securing cloud hosted applications
    • Deploying cloud application for scalability and automatic failover
    • Protecting data stored in cloud
    • Improving performance and response time of cloud application using provider's tools
  • For IT & Operations Teams (Google Workspace)
    • Advantages and limitations of Google Workspace Apps
    • Assessing technical feasibility of migrating productivity apps to Google Workspace
    • Step-by-step guide for a successful migration
    • Data migration tools
    • Administration best practices and tools
    • Configuring security policies
    • Handling routine administration tasks efficiently (adding/removing users & permissions, access issues etc.)
    • Reporting and auditing


The cost of training depends on topics being covered, length of training, how training is being conducted (in-person vs. virtual classroom), and number of attendees.

To discuss your organisation's training needs and get a quote, please contact us.

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